The Year So Far

…Really hasn’t included much knitting, or blogging for that matter but we won’t mention that! The enforced break from blogging made me realize how easy it actually is to wean yourself off the internet, but I also missed writing and engaging with like minded folks, so for now, I’ll try again and see where this takes me.

The slightly enforced break from knitting, more about that in a bit, made me focus much more sharply on what it is that I really want to knit instead of the madcap “knit all the things” I was prone to before, which in all reality just set me up for complete failure as no-one can possibly knit all the things… but it didn’t stop me from trying.

So, that enforced break… I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right shoulder at the back end of last year, not knitting related thankfully, but it was painful enough to stop me knitting. Actually it was painful enough to stop me from doing most things. It turned out to be a frozen shoulder which baffled the Doctor and the Physical Therapists as I just don’t fit the profile of most people who end up with this, as it’s usually caused by a lack of use of the shoulder mainly due to the arm being strapped after surgery, or a lack of use in general. But I’m a kayaker, a camper, a hiker, a mountain biker, a cross country and down hill skier among other things. I like to be outside, and I like to spend most of my time outside “moving”, not just sitting and enjoying the view. I do knit of course, which is sedentary and I really enjoy family history and tracing my family tree, which is also sedentary, but I don’t do either of those things to excess.

The bottom line though was that I found myself in Physical Therapy three times a week for almost 2 hours at a time. And as amazing as it was (having never experienced anything like this before), it was also ridiculously painful in the beginning as my shoulder had to be forced to move in order to free itself up.  There were heat treatments and ice treatments, work outs, massages, time spent with the therapists and also exercises to do at home.  It took up a lot of time but I ended up stronger than before and with a better idea of what I’m capable off both mentally and physically.  I also made new friends and really looked forward to going along, after the first few very painful weeks!

I slowly got back into  knitting as my range of motion improved, so here’s a quick run down of the few things I’ve managed to finish so far this year.

January ~ My Young Padawan Socks by Heidi Nick

A simple pair or socks with a cable running down the centre.  I knitted them in a self striping yarn from Opal.

February/March ~ Woolly Snowflake Hat by Sylvia Leake

I made two of these for the wonderful techs at Therapy.  They were so much fun, kept everything upbeat as well as keeping everyone there on track, and we had the ability to regularly make ourselves laugh until we cried. They both have long hair, so they both got stranded colour work slouchy hats with big pompoms!   I was a bit compromised with time for these and ended up having to take finished photos at my work desk using my phone camera.  Both hats use Michigan Shepherd’s Yarn Worsted from Stonehedge, the top one in dark green and cream for a redhead and the bottom one in turquoise and cream for a blonde.


March/April ~ Entmoot by Heidi Nick

Socks really float my boat and I like nothing better than cables, put the two together and you have knitting nirvana as far as I’m concerned!  Yarn is Holiday Yarns FlockSock in Athena, this is a favourite brand of mine.

(Spot the stylized rabbit on the back of the leg!!)

A second very heavily cabled pair was also completed during March/April.  This one was a “Mystery Sock” for the Sock Knitter Anonymous on Ravelry.  The amazing pattern is called Jack of The Green by Claire Ellen, and yeah, all those cables, it’s a bit time consuming and I had to rest my hands a couple of times!  The lovely yarn is Eidos by The Verdant Gryphon in the colour On Dreams but these FO photos really don’t do it justice at all.

May/June ~ Ocean City Shawlette by Nancy Whitman

My final FO of the year so far is this really pretty shawl. I made it as a gift for my cousins wife when we met recently for the first time.  It’s made in the lighter version of Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge that I used for the colourwork hats, it’s classed as a light fingering/3 ply and is 100% worsted spun wool.

So that’s been my year so far. I have a couple of other posts planned as I’d like to write more about making small shawls from fingering weight yarn that’s usually only reserved for sock making, and I’ve been busy with the dyes and a slow cooker again so I’d like to show you the results of that fun weekend!


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