I knit a lot of socks, I don’t mind admitting that.  I find them to be the perfect carry around project, and as they’re small, they’re also quick to make.  Not quite instant gratification, but certainly not jumper complexity levels either.

I also seem to like “fandom” patterns, having knit a lot of pairs inspired by Dr Who, Agatha Christie, Harry Potter etc.  The Harry Potter ones are the most prolific I must admit, so much so, that a knitting friend challenged me to leave Potterville behind this year and head deep into The Shire.  The February challenge at Sock Knitters Anonymous was Literary, so it seemed apropos.  I picked Aragorn and was busy choosing yarn for it when the unthinkable happened.  Alan Rickman died.  I was mortified, truly shocked actually as he’s long been a favourite of mine before any Harry Potter books were available to read, let alone watch on the big screen.  Some of my favourites are listed below, not all great movies, but all movies made better by Alan’s talents.

  • Robin Hood
  • The Barchester Chronicles
  • Blow Dry
  • Galaxy Quest
  • Dogma
  • Michael Collins
  • Bottle Shock
  • Sense and Sensibility

I’m still sad when I think that there will be no more films with AR in them after the couple that are being released this year.


So I changed my plans pretty quickly, and turned to one of my favourite sock designers, Heidi Nick, and chose the beautiful After All This Time socks, based on an excerpt from The Deathly Hallows Pt2 when we finally learn of Snape’s love for Harry’s Mum, Lily.


I knit my socks in a favourite yarn too, Holiday Yarns Flock Sock, the stitch definition for cables is outstanding, and I picked the most Slytherin-like colour from my stash.






Naturally these immediately made it to the top of my most favourite things for 2016 so far and they’re now in regular rotation in my socks drawer.

Project page here.



One thought on “Always

  1. These are beautiful! I’ve had this pattern in my queue since they day he died (ugh, so many feels still), and am really looking forward to knitting these.


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